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PS Vita homebrew for remapping controls and configuring deadzones
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Vasiliy Horbachenko
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PS Vita homebrew for remapping controls.


  • Remap any button, sticks (4 directions), back touchscreen (4 virtual buttons)
  • Remap single button to button combination
  • Configure touchscreen and analog sticks deadzone
  • GUI


  1. Select application for remapping
  2. Hit Triangle to add new item
  3. Press the trigger (button, stick or back touchscreen zone which will be replaced)
  4. Hold the actions (the buttons which will replace the trigger) until the message dissapear
  5. Press Circle to save configuration
  6. If you haven't enabled the plugin for this application previously:
    1. Go to molecularShell, open ux0:tai/config.txt
    2. The two last lines will be commented out, uncomment them (remove #)
    3. Save the file, open Start menu and hit Reload taiHEN's config.txt


  • "Plugin doesn't work":

    • Dumped games not supported
    • If the notice message doesn't appear in the game: make sure that you've edited taiHEN's config.txt and reloaded it trough molecularShell
    • Other way the game may be unsupported
  • "Config not saving":

    • Make sure that you've added at least 1 button


  1. Build taiHEN plugin (in plugin directory mkdir build && cd build && cmake .. && make)
  2. Update CONFIG_MEM_OFFSET in src/remap/config.h to the offset generated by make addr command in plugin/build folder
  3. Build the homebrew (in root folder mkdir build && cd build && cmake .. && make)




Project use source code from following repositories:

Special thanks to #vitasdk and Scorpeg's ButtonSwap

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