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When you submit the bug report you should include following files/information:

  • full text from the error screen field
  • both generated mission files (under Saved Games\DCS\Missions)
  • general description of the problem

Some typical issues that could be fixed by yourself:

My "Saved Games" is on the different drive, so application won't generate any missions!

If it happens that your user profile directory is on one drive, and Saved Games is on the other, you could edit the start.bat file to point to correct path. Replace %UserProfile% with parent folder for Saved Games, i.e., if your DCS folder is D:\Saved Games\DCS your start.bat should look like this:

py.exe "D:\" "1.x.x"

I have both DCS and DCS.openbeta user data folders and want to use DCS

By default application will use the DCS.openbeta if it exists. To change that edit the start.bat file adding the --force-stable-DCS to the end of the file:

py.exe "%UserProfile%" "1.x.x" --force-stable-DCS

I can't see the missions in the My mission menu

Campaign will use following paths to put the files in:

  • \Saved Games\DCS.openbeta
  • \Saved Games\DCS

Where <user folder> is typically a "C:\Users<username>".

If the first one is present it will always be used. If it happens that you need to use both directories simultaneously you can still load the mission by mission editor which should let you load the mission from anywhere on the hard drive. Don't forget to choose the DCS.openbeta directory while saving debriefing by Save debriefing dialog too!

I've played first mission just fine, but the second one won't start

If you host a multiplayer server it would lock the mission file so it could not be changed while it's running. For now you'd have to restart it for every mission, and later I'll figure out some workaround for it.

Upon application startup "Save game was corrupted message is shown"

It could be either that the application crashed during previous save, or the new version is incompatible with the saves.

You could try to fix that by replacing liberation_save (main save file) with liberation_save_tmp (temporary save file preceding main one), whose are located under your user DCS directory (C:\Users<user>\Saved Games\DCS).

Game doesn't load the mission (gets stuck on the loading screen)

Somehow mission was incorrectly generated. Please submit bug report (and don't forget to attach the mission file in question!).

If you issue is still haven't been resolved please submit a bug report either here on GitHub or at DCS forums thread (!

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