Help combat spam registrations by forcing the user to answer a simple math sum while registering for your BuddyPress-powered site
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BuddyPress Security Check

  • Tested up to: WordPress 4.6
  • Stable version: 2.1.2
  • License: MIT

Combat spam registrations for a BuddyPress-powered site using Google's reCAPTCHA


Important: Since version 2.0, this plugin now requires at least PHP 5.3. Please ensure that you are running latest available version of PHP on your server.

This plugin adds Google's reCAPTCHA to the BuddyPress registration field to prevent bots from registering and keep your site free from spam registrations.

reCAPTCHA is "tough on bots, easy on humans": while it is increbianle effective on preventing bots from registering, most of the time all the user needs to do to verify themselves is simply check a box.

After installing this plugin, you will need to register your site with Google (requires a Google account) and enter the site key and secret key on the Settings > BuddyPress > Options admin menu. If you would prefer not to use Google's service, there is an alternative security check method also available; see below;

Prior to version 2.0, a less effective security check method was used where the user needed to answer simple math sum before registering. This method is still available, and can be turned on on the Settings > BuddyPress > Options menu.

You can learn more at the plugin's website, or on


Thanks to the awesome work of the following translators, this plugin can be used in these languages:

If you have a translation to contribute, please sent it through to me by email or on GitHub.


This plugin extends the functionality of BuddyPress, which must be installed for this plugin to work

  1. Upload the bp-security-check directory to /wp-content/plugins/
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins > Installed Plugins menu in WordPress
  3. Visit the Settings > BuddyPress > Options admin menu
  4. If you want to use the more secure reCAPTCHA mode, you will need to register your site with Google and enter the site and secret keys. Otherwise, choose the 'legacy math method' to turn on security checks.


2.1.2 (2016-08-07)

2.1.1 (2016-05-12)

  • Fixed: Centre-align math check field [#]
  • Fixed: Only load reCAPTCHA script on registration page [#]


  • Fixed: Don't strip special characters from input fields
  • Added: Load reCAPTCHA in the same language WordPress is in
  • Fixed: Translations not loading




  • Added Spanish translation by Renato Alves


  • Fixed incorrect term in Danish translation (Sikkerhedsspørgsmål is a single word) [#]


  • Added Danish translation by Andreas Bjørn Hassing Nielsen
  • Added Italian translation by Nicole Curioni
  • Made transient names unique to prevent race conditions


  • Added Hungarian translation by Laszlo Espadas
  • Added Brazilian Portuguese translation by Renato Alves
  • Saved sum information in database instead of hidden fields in an attempt to prevent bots
  • Code refactoring

  • Fixed bug preventing the plugin from loading


  • Updated to support translations
  • Use mt_rand() function instead of rand()
  • Add code documentation
  • Use proper class methods, not completely static
  • Ensure that the sum never equals 0


  • Remove buggy multiplication and division functionality


  • Stable version release