Brings support for writing Not eXactly C code in Notepad++
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Writing Not eXactly C code in Notepad++

@muntoo has written a great post about syntax highlighting NXC code in Notepad++. While his method works rather well, it involves sacrificing the C language, and adding NXC-specific keywords. This method used to work best due to the lack of support for user-defined languages in older versions of Notepad++.

Since version 6.2, Notepad++ has improved support for User Defined Languages. I have utilized this support to create a special user defined language file, which you can import into Notepad++ in order to add Not eXactly C as one of the avalible languages.


  1. Download a zip of the master branch to your computer
  2. Launch Notepad++
  3. Select Language > Define your language…
  4. Click the Import… button and choose the userDefineLang_Not_eXactly_C.xml file from inside the zip you downloaded earlier
  5. Open a .nxc file, or select Not eXactly C from the Language menu to enable syntax highlighting

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