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Aleksa Sarai cyphar

{free software developer, gnu/linux, physics researcher, containers @SUSE, @opencontainers maintainer, BSc undergrad at USYD}; // opinions my own

@SUSE Linux GmbH Sydney, Australia

Harry Park harryparkdotio

I'm an energetic full stack developer based in Sydney, Australia. I specialise in hand-crafted, hyper functional websites, systems & mobile/web apps. Sydney, Australia

James Wright The-CORE

I am a member of the species homo sapiens who happens to call Sol-3 home.

Samuel Attard MarshallOfSound

I program... When I'm not programming I'm sleeping. When I'm not sleeping I'm programming. See how this works? :D

New Zealand

Dylan Sanusi-Goh dsg2806


Alex defaultnamehere

Kid with a laptop and a pocketful of memes.


Simon Shields fourkbomb

Student. @LineageOS. Sometimes other stuff, too.

@LineageOS Sydney, Australia

Samuel Walladge swalladge

software engineering student, linux enthusiast, programmer


Terry Watson tawatson

Terrence A Watson Web Services

David Vo auscompgeek

A comp sci student at the University of Sydney.

Sydney, Australia

Harrison Shoebridge paked

programmer, doer of things, volunteer, person who needs to write a proper bio

Student Australia

Leho Kraav lkraav

I make websites sell and high-selling websites. dev shop - founder, optimization & ux - managing partner

Conversion Ready Tallinn, Estonia

Ghost1227 ghost1227

Section214 Ralston, NE

Sven hofmannsven

Freelance web developer with focus on PHP, Laravel and WordPress.

Freelancer Munich

Giuseppe Mazzapica Giuseppe-Mazzapica

WordPress swearer. Verbose PHP developer. Despite all your rages I don't like cats nor Star Trek. And I hate gifs.

@inpsyde Catania, Italy

Brian Krogsgard krogsgard

Writer and web developer from Alabama. Editor of Post Status.

@poststatus Birmingham, AL

Sarah Gooding pollyplummer

Audrey Capital Tulsa, OK

Tom J Nowell tomjn

PHP Dev and Engineer at Automattic on VIP

Automattic United Kingdom

Helen Hou-Sandi helen

OG and Director of Platform Experience @10up and @WordPress Lead Developer

@10up + @WordPress Jersey City

Michael Novotny manovotny

JavaScript developer. Open source contributor. Insatiable learner. Standards and best practices enthusiast. Development is a lifestyle, not a job.

Des Moines, IA

Matt Mullenweg m

Automattic / WordPress San Francisco

Andrew Nacin nacin

WordPress / The White House Washington, D.C.

hakre hakre

United Federation of Planets

Mike Schinkel mikeschinkel

NewClarity Consulting LLC Atlanta, Georgia USA