An extension that adds a star rating system + UI to any DataObject type
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An extension that adds a star rating system + UI to any DataObject type


Silverstripe 3.1


composer require sheadawson/silverstripe-rateable 1.1.x@stable

Apply the Rateable DataExtension to the Objects you want to rate. ie. in mysite/_config/config.yml

    - Rateable

Then in your templates you can use $RateableUI, when in the context of your rateable object to render the star rating UI. If you have multiple instances of the same DataObject + RateableUI on one page, you can pass in a unique identifier string to $RateableUI, ie. $RateableUI('footer').

Run dev/build?flush=all

Sorting objects by rating

$pages = Page::get();
$sortedPages = singleton('RateableService')->sortByRating($pages);

Disabling by default on some page types

If you have added this extension to the Page class, it's enabled by default on all pages. But on some page types this might be annoying, e.g. ErrorPage or some holders. You can disable $RateableUI by default on this pages by adding this to your config.yml:

    EnableRatings: 0

You can still enable it on some pages of this type by hand in the "Settings" section.