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DIY project to create your own 5.8ghz FPV diversity basestation - based off the rx5808 receiver module. Project includes basic Arduino Nano implementation to advanced custom PCB board and introduction to digital switches 4066 chip.



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This project is a fork of rx5808-pro with support for diversity and much more.

Manufactured version of this project can be found at La Forge FPV

The code is also backward compatible with the original rx5808-pro schematic minus diversity, dip switch mode and TV_Out. For details on updating click here.

Table of Contents

  1. Releases
  2. Features
  3. Overview
  4. Hardware
  5. Firmware
  6. Contributing
  7. License


The latest release can be found here. Latest Releases


  • User control - 3 Button navigation, up, down, select.
  • Manual Mode - Set channel manual
  • Search Mode - Search next channel based on RSSI
  • Band Scanner - Print spectrum of all 48 channels
  • Auto Save - Saves settings after a few seconds of inactivity.
  • Beeper - Acoustic feedback on important actions
  • RSSI Graph - Running history of RSSI readings.
  • Diversity - Receiver select and monitor.
  • Led Status - Power, button pressed, active antenna.
  • Race Band & L-Band - Total of 48 supported channels.
  • Backward Compatibility - Use this code with your existing setup.
  • OLED Display - Use a 128x64 OLED.
  • Setup Menu - Creating changing settings (RSSI Calibration).


Please watch the following video giving a detailed overview of the latest v2.0 release.

  1. Auto Scan - Scans all bands until a signal with good signal strength is found.
  2. Manual Mode - Will hold on a manually selected channel.
  3. Band Scanner - Scans all bands and presents them with a signal strength bar graph.
  4. Settings Menu - Saves last used channel and mode for next power cycle. This is also where you enter RSSI calibration mode.
    1. Calibrate RSSI - Calibrate the min and max RSSI values.

Initial Setup

When powering on for the first time it is best to calibrate your RSSI modules. No two modules have the same RSSI min and max readings. To calibrate follow these steps below. You can repeat this process as many times as needed.

  1. Go to the settings menu and follow the calibrate RSSI steps on the screen.



If you are not looking to build your own hardware you can purchase manufactured versions from the following companies.

  1. La Forge FPV - VRX-PRO
  • Designed by Shea Ivey
  • All Current Hardware versions.
  1. Realacc - rx5808-pro-diversity
  • All current hardware versions.
  1. FuriousFPV - True-D
  • V2.0 and earlier


This project is centered around the RX5808 5.8GHz receiver module which can be found at a number of online stores. The original rx5808-pro schematic has been modified to incorporate the diversity setup. Additional LEDs have also been added to show the active receiver.

diversity simple schematic

For more information on specific hardware implementations:

  1. DIY Simple - Arduino Nano
  2. DIY Intermediate - Custom Board (T-Box)
  3. DIY Advanced - Custom Board
  4. OLED Version - Arduino Nano
  5. rx5808 SPI modification
  6. Voltage Monitoring


The firmware is constantly being improved please refer to the release history for more detailed information on improvements. Release History


Any contributions are welcome!

Please follow for standard practices regarding this repo.


  • SPI driver based on fs_skyrf_58g-main.c Written by Simon Chambers
  • TVOUT by Myles Metzel
  • Scanner by Johann Hermen (
  • Initial 2 Button version by Peter (pete1990)
  • Refactored and GUI reworked by Marko Hoepken
  • Universal version my Marko Hoepken
  • Diversity Receiver Board and GUI improvements by Shea Ivey
  • Adding Race Band by Shea Ivey
  • Separating Display concerns for TVOut and OLED by Shea Ivey
  • Adding Setup Menu by Shea Ivey
  • DIY Throughole board and documentation. by RCDaddy
  • Voltage monitoring by kabturek
  • v2.0 Firmware Overhaul by @Knifa



The code is distrubuted under the MIT license.


The logo is distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.


DIY project to create your own 5.8ghz FPV diversity basestation - based off the rx5808 receiver module. Project includes basic Arduino Nano implementation to advanced custom PCB board and introduction to digital switches 4066 chip.








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