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#audioplayer #mp3player #HLS #livestream #audiostream #radio #radioplayer #musicplayer #musicstream #objective-c #swift #swift5 #iOS

AudioPlayer supports

  • Live audio streaming
  • HLS/m3u8/m3u audio streaming
  • Play from local audio file
  • Supports many audio codecs incluing mp3
  • Swift 5
  • Objective-C
  • iOS 9 and above
  • Manages playlist

Provided code for

  • Audio interruptions handling
  • Background play
  • Actions from Control Center/EarPods
  • Update UI in Control Center

How to use?

Drag and drop SDK in your project.

Create song object

let song = MySongObj()//MySongObj is your class which implements SHAudioPlayerItemProtocol
song.songUrl = your song URL
song.albumArtImage = UIImage(named: "MusicImg")//Optional album art image. Also support url, provided code in MySongObj class.

Setup playlist

let arSongs = [song]//Playlist
SHAudioPlayer.shared.initialize(songsAr: arSongs)

Play 0)

For more details, please look ViewController.swift in sample project.

On request features will be added.

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