Q: how does the plugin handle 'known template helper functions' ? #1

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nice plugin !

just wondering though, usually I have a bunch of template helper functions defined e.g.
Handlebars.registerHelper('someFunction', function () { .. etc

And then I would compile using -k flag to 'register' the template helper function e.g.
handlebars rawTemplate.handlebars -f output_dir/compiledTemplate.js -k someFunction

does the plugin support this?


Not yet. I'll look at adding that next. The only way I can see to pass that info to the mapper per resource would be to use the attrs Map. I'll investigate and get back to you.


btw I run a bash script to do handlebars compile atm, and I'm storing a '-' separated list of know template helpers as a data attribute on template script tags e.g.
<script id="someTmpl" type="text/x-handlebars-template" data-compile="if-else-unless-someFunction-someOtherFunction"> .. nice and easy to maintain


As of 0.3.6 you can specify known helpers on a global level. Not yet on an individual file level.

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