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Assets 3

This release contains the Executor mod launcher and initial LFD loader. LFDs are viewed in the GOB tab like the other archive types.

Mod launcher usage:

  • Set Dark Forces CD and EXE paths and DOSBox EXE path in the Settings tab. These are automatically saved to settings.yaml next to the ArcHammer executable.
  • Put mods in their own mods subfolder (DARK/mods/<name of mod>/) - one GOB and 0 or more LFD files per mod (other files are ignored). The DFBRIEF.LFD replacement should be detected by the launcher, although not all levels are detected correctly yet.
  • Select the mod in the Executor tab to launch it. DOSBox command line arguments are handled automatically.


This 32-bit binary requires a 32-bit GTK+ Runtime. Download from the Windows section at http://gtkd.org/download.html.