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* Copyright (C) 2009-2011 Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation.
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
* modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version
* 2 as published by the Free Software Foundation.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
* along with this program. If not, see <>.
#ifndef __SHEEP_H__
#define __SHEEP_H__
#include <stdint.h>
#include "internal_proto.h"
#include "util.h"
#include "list.h"
#include "net.h"
#include "logger.h"
struct sd_vnode {
struct node_id nid;
uint16_t node_idx;
uint32_t zone;
uint64_t id;
struct vnode_info {
struct sd_vnode vnodes[SD_MAX_VNODES];
int nr_vnodes;
struct sd_node nodes[SD_MAX_NODES];
int nr_nodes;
int nr_zones;
int refcnt;
struct vdi_copy {
uint32_t vid;
uint32_t nr_copies;
#define TRACE_GRAPH_ENTRY 0x01
#define TRACE_FNAME_LEN 36
struct trace_graph_item {
char tname[TRACE_THREAD_LEN];
int type;
char fname[TRACE_FNAME_LEN];
int depth;
unsigned long long entry_time;
unsigned long long return_time;
static inline void sd_init_req(struct sd_req *req, uint8_t opcode)
memset(req, 0, sizeof(*req));
req->opcode = opcode;
req->proto_ver = opcode < 0x80 ? SD_PROTO_VER : SD_SHEEP_PROTO_VER;
static inline int same_zone(struct sd_vnode *e, int n1, int n2)
return e[n1].zone == e[n2].zone;
/* Get the first vnode's index which is matching the OID */
static inline int get_vnode_first_idx(struct sd_vnode *entries, int nr_entries,
uint64_t oid)
uint64_t id = fnv_64a_buf(&oid, sizeof(oid), FNV1A_64_INIT);
int start, end, pos;
start = 0;
end = nr_entries - 1;
if (id > entries[end].id || id < entries[start].id)
return (end + 1) % nr_entries;
for (;;) {
pos = (end - start) / 2 + start;
if (entries[pos].id < id) {
if (entries[pos + 1].id >= id)
return (pos + 1) % nr_entries;
start = pos;
} else
end = pos;
/* Get next vnode's index according to the PREV_IDXS */
static inline int get_vnode_next_idx(struct sd_vnode *entries, int nr_entries,
int *prev_idxs, int nr_prev_idxs)
int i, idx, first_idx;
bool found;
first_idx = prev_idxs[0];
idx = prev_idxs[nr_prev_idxs - 1];
for (;;) {
idx = (idx + 1) % nr_entries;
if (idx == first_idx)
panic("can't find next new idx\n");
for (found = false, i = 0; i < nr_prev_idxs; i++) {
if (same_zone(entries, idx, prev_idxs[i])) {
found = true;
if (!found)
return idx;
/* Get the n'th vnode's index which is matching the OID */
static inline int get_vnode_nth_idx(struct sd_vnode *entries,
int nr_entries, uint64_t oid, int nth)
int nr_idxs = 0, idxs[SD_MAX_COPIES];
idxs[nr_idxs++] = get_vnode_first_idx(entries, nr_entries, oid);
if (!nth)
return idxs[nth];
while (nr_idxs <= nth) {
idxs[nr_idxs] = get_vnode_next_idx(entries, nr_entries,
idxs, nr_idxs);
return idxs[nth];
static inline struct sd_vnode *oid_to_vnode(struct sd_vnode *entries,
int nr_entries, uint64_t oid,
int copy_idx)
int idx = get_vnode_nth_idx(entries, nr_entries, oid, copy_idx);
return &entries[idx];
static inline void oid_to_vnodes(struct sd_vnode *entries, int nr_entries,
uint64_t oid, int nr_copies,
struct sd_vnode **vnodes)
int idx, idxs[SD_MAX_COPIES], i;
idx = get_vnode_first_idx(entries, nr_entries, oid);
idxs[0] = idx;
vnodes[0] = &entries[idx];
for (i = 1; i < nr_copies; i++) {
idx = get_vnode_next_idx(entries, nr_entries, idxs, i);
idxs[i] = idx;
vnodes[i] = &entries[idx];
static inline void oid_to_nodes(struct sd_vnode *entries, int nr_entries,
uint64_t oid, int nr_copies,
struct sd_node *all_nodes,
struct sd_node **nodes)
int i;
struct sd_vnode *vnodes[SD_MAX_COPIES];
oid_to_vnodes(entries, nr_entries, oid, nr_copies, vnodes);
for (i = 0; i < nr_copies; i++)
nodes[i] = &all_nodes[vnodes[i]->node_idx];
static inline const char *sd_strerror(int err)
int i;
static const struct {
int err;
const char *desc;
} errors[] = {
{SD_RES_SUCCESS, "Success"},
{SD_RES_UNKNOWN, "Unknown error"},
{SD_RES_NO_OBJ, "No object found"},
{SD_RES_EIO, "I/O error"},
{SD_RES_VDI_EXIST, "VDI exists already"},
{SD_RES_INVALID_PARMS, "Invalid parameters"},
{SD_RES_SYSTEM_ERROR, "System error"},
{SD_RES_VDI_LOCKED, "VDI is already locked"},
{SD_RES_NO_VDI, "No VDI found"},
{SD_RES_NO_BASE_VDI, "No base VDI found"},
{SD_RES_VDI_READ, "Failed to read from requested VDI"},
{SD_RES_VDI_WRITE, "Failed to write to requested VDI"},
{SD_RES_BASE_VDI_READ, "Failed to read from base VDI"},
{SD_RES_BASE_VDI_WRITE, "Failed to write to base VDI"},
{SD_RES_NO_TAG, "Failed to find requested tag"},
{SD_RES_STARTUP, "System is still booting"},
{SD_RES_VDI_NOT_LOCKED, "VDI is not locked"},
{SD_RES_SHUTDOWN, "System is shutting down"},
{SD_RES_NO_MEM, "Out of memory on server"},
{SD_RES_FULL_VDI, "Maximum number of VDIs reached"},
{SD_RES_VER_MISMATCH, "Protocol version mismatch"},
{SD_RES_NO_SPACE, "Server has no space for new objects"},
{SD_RES_WAIT_FOR_FORMAT, "Waiting for cluster to be formatted"},
{SD_RES_WAIT_FOR_JOIN, "Waiting for other nodes to join cluster"},
{SD_RES_JOIN_FAILED, "Node has failed to join cluster"},
{SD_RES_HALT, "IO has halted as there are too few living nodes"},
{SD_RES_FORCE_RECOVER, "Cluster is running/halted and cannot be force recovered"},
{SD_RES_NO_STORE, "Targeted backend store is not found"},
{SD_RES_NO_SUPPORT, "Operation is not supported"},
{SD_RES_NODE_IN_RECOVERY, "Targeted node is in recovery"},
{SD_RES_OLD_NODE_VER, "Remote node has an old epoch"},
{SD_RES_NEW_NODE_VER, "Remote node has a new epoch"},
{SD_RES_NOT_FORMATTED, "Cluster has not been formatted"},
{SD_RES_INVALID_CTIME, "Creation times differ"},
{SD_RES_INVALID_EPOCH, "Invalid epoch"},
for (i = 0; i < ARRAY_SIZE(errors); ++i)
if (errors[i].err == err)
return errors[i].desc;
return "Invalid error code";
static inline int node_id_cmp(const void *a, const void *b)
const struct node_id *node1 = a;
const struct node_id *node2 = b;
int cmp;
cmp = memcmp(node1->addr, node2->addr, sizeof(node1->addr));
if (cmp != 0)
return cmp;
if (node1->port < node2->port)
return -1;
if (node1->port > node2->port)
return 1;
return 0;
static inline bool node_eq(const struct sd_node *a, const struct sd_node *b)
return node_id_cmp(a, b) == 0;
static inline int vnode_cmp(const void *a, const void *b)
const struct sd_vnode *node1 = a;
const struct sd_vnode *node2 = b;
if (node1->id < node2->id)
return -1;
if (node1->id > node2->id)
return 1;
return 0;
static inline int nodes_to_vnodes(struct sd_node *nodes, int nr,
struct sd_vnode *vnodes)
struct sd_node *n = nodes;
int i, j, nr_vnodes = 0;
uint64_t hval;
while (nr--) {
hval = FNV1A_64_INIT;
for (i = 0; i < n->nr_vnodes; i++) {
if (vnodes) {
hval = fnv_64a_buf(&n->nid.port, sizeof(n->nid.port), hval);
for (j = ARRAY_SIZE(n->nid.addr) - 1; j >= 0; j--)
hval = fnv_64a_buf(&n->nid.addr[j], 1, hval);
vnodes[nr_vnodes].id = hval;
memcpy(vnodes[nr_vnodes].nid.addr, n->nid.addr, sizeof(n->nid.addr));
vnodes[nr_vnodes].nid.port = n->nid.port;
vnodes[nr_vnodes].node_idx = n - nodes;
vnodes[nr_vnodes].zone = n->zone;
if (vnodes)
qsort(vnodes, nr_vnodes, sizeof(*vnodes), vnode_cmp);
return nr_vnodes;
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