Corosync config

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Corosync provides IPC and cluster multicast membership to Sheepdog. It must be configured, and running before Sheepdog will work.


Your distribution's default corosync.conf settings may not be compatible with Sheepdog, or may have unneeded components. See below for a basic example configuration.

# Please read the corosync.conf 5 manual page
compatibility: whitetank
totem {
  version: 2
  secauth: off
  threads: 0
  # Note, fail_recv_const is only needed if you're 
  # having problems with corosync crashing under 
  # heavy sheepdog traffic. This crash is due to 
  # delayed/resent/misordered multicast packets. 
  # fail_recv_const: 5000
  interface {
    ringnumber: 0
    bindnetaddr: -YOUR IP HERE-
    mcastport: 5405
logging {
  fileline: off
  to_stderr: no
  to_logfile: yes
  to_syslog: yes
  # the pathname of the log file
  logfile: /var/log/cluster/corosync.log
  debug: off
  timestamp: on
  logger_subsys {
    subsys: AMF
    debug: off
amf {
  mode: disabled

To access corosync daemon without root priviledge, you need to create a file in /etc/corosync/uidgid.d/. If your username and groupname are 'sdog', write below to /etc/corosync/uidgid.d/sdog

uidgid {
   uid: sdog
   gid: sdog
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