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Scripts for moving metadata and PDFs between Islandora, Internet Archive, and Omeka
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#About This repo was shared in response to someone with an immediate need for using MODS with Omeka--it's an unmodified version of what I use day-to-day at work. As such, it isn't yet very well documented and may not be terribly friendly to customization.

##Individual scripts

config.rb -- configuration options for nalmd.rb

download-MODS.rb -- given a textfile with Fedora PIDs, downloads the MODS datastream

location.rb and person.rb -- classes required for Omeka and IA CSV conversions.

mods_to_ia.rb -- converts MODS XML files into a CSV file suitable for Internet Archive scan batches.

mods_to_omeka-csv.rb -- converts MODS XML files into a CSV file suitable for Omeka's CSVImport plugin.

nalmd.rb -- command line execution for individual scripts.

os.rb -- gets the current directory.

rename_by_id.rb -- renames MODS XML files based on the value of

##Configuration change the hash values in config.rb to set the URL for your Fedora repository, Omeka import directory, etc.

##Usage All scripts were written in Ruby 2.0.0.

The easiest way to use these scripts is to place them in an easy to reference top-level directory on your hard drive. I use C:\utils. The scripts can then be called from the command line in any directory via

c:\utils\nalmd.rb [options]

Each option will execute the referenced script in a loop.

    -g, --getmods                    For a given textfile of Fedora PIDS,
                                        download the MODS datastream.

    -r, --rename                     For a given directory of MODS XML files,
                                        rename the files by <identifier>

    -i, --iacsv                      For a given directory of MODS XML files,
                                        create an Internet Archive batch CSV.

    -o, --omeka                      For a given directory of MODS XML files,
                                        create CSV file for use with Omeka's CSV Import.

    -h, --help                       Display this screen.
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