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CompSoc Website

University of Sheffield Computer Science Society Website


Committee Details

  • Add new images to src/images/committee/
  • Edit committee details in routes/committee.js
  • Options for each committee member object:
  name: string           // Your name
  role: string           // Committee role name - eg. secretary
  avatar: string         // Filename (without .jpg) of your avatar in src/images/committee. Set to `tbd` if no picture exists
  social?: {             // Social usernames (all optional)
    twitter?: string     // Twitter handle
    instagram?: string   // Instagram handle
    github?: string      // GitHub username
    facebook?: string    // Facebook username (in the URL on your profile page)
  bio: string            // Brief description of you

Event Database

  • Events will be removed from the "upcoming" page after the specified date
  • Add new events to eventdb.js (scroll down to find categorised listings)
  • The options for each event item is as follows:
  title: string   // Name of event
  url?: string    // Link to custom event page (optional)
  dom: number     // Day of month - (1 = 1st, 2 = 2nd, ...)
  moy: number     // Month of year - (1 = Jan, 2 = Feb, ..)
  year: number    // Year
  type: number    // Event category - eg. social, tutorial, etc
  link?: {        // Related links - eg. Facebook event / tickets (optional)
    text: string    // Text to show for related link
    url: string     // URL of related link



  • Run npm start:dev and npm build:dev in separate terminals simultaneously.


  • Log into via SSH
  • Navigate to /var/www/shefcompsocuk to view the git repo
  • Switch to the shefcompsocuk user by running sudo su shefcompsocuk. This is a necessary step due to the owner of the server files
  • Run git pull to retrieve latest changes from the GitHub repo
  • Run npm run build to re-build the JS/CSS/image assets (but you can skip this step if you're sure these assets have not changed)
  • Run systemctl restart shefcompsocuk to restart the server (there is a custom systemd service, DON'T run npm start)


  • Rob Ede
  • Ben Clegg
  • Brad Sharp