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Xtravo Browser powered it Trident Engine.
Visual Basic .NET
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Xtravo (Browser).sln


Xtravo Browser was developed by me when I was 19 years old.

Xtravo will mark it's 5th year on November 12th 2013. As a gift back to the community, I want developers to make use of it's source code and use it for their application.


Xtravo to date as been on .NET and using Trident engine. I request developers around the world to use WebKit or Chromium Project in Xtravo for it's newer versions to release it.

Newer version will be available on Xtravo's website for users.


If you want to use IE 11 as rendering engine then you need to use registry method in the installer. Same goes for Hardware Acceleration and other features of IE 11.

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