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What People Are Saying About 52-technologies-in-2016 series?


  1. Building a group that learns and write about new technologies
  2. HackerNews mention
  3. TheChangeLog March NewsLetter
  4. HackerNews Front page
  5. Week 2 SBT tutorial is mentioned recommended by Coursera Scala course taught by Martin Odersky.
  6. Week 7 Hugo post became official Hugo quickstart
  7. ChangeLog Issue 122, September 11th 2016 again mentioned 52-technologies-in-2016 series.
  8. A guy wrote a short post on 52-technologies-in-2016 giving him inspiration to get back to blogging.
  9. SDTimes mentioned 52-technologies-in-2016 series in their Github project of the week.
  10. A beginner's reference guide to TypeScript Language mentions 52-technologies-in-2016 week 17 blog on TypeScript post.
  11. A Russian blogger talking about 52-technologies-in-2016 series
  12. A German blogger posted about 52-technologies-in-2016
  13. Quora answer on interesting Github projects
  14. A Chinese article covers 52-tech series.
  15. This week in Scala by Cake Solutions covered Akka dispatcher post.
  16. Hackernoon mentions 52-technologies-in-2016 as one of the popular Github repositories of 2016 for web developers.

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