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Quickstart to run GlassFish 4 on OpenShift##

GlassFish 4 is reference implementation of Java EE 7. Below are the steps required to run GlassFish4 on OpenShift. The sample running GlassFish 4 on OpenShift is available at and

  1. First create OpenShift diy application with name glassfish4
rhc app create glassfish4 diy
  1. Add git remote to GlassFish4 OpenShift quickstart and pull code from it.
cd glassfish4
git remote add upstream
git pull -s recursive -X theirs upstream master
  1. Push the code to OpenShift. It will take atleast couple of minutes to start GlassFish 4. So be patient.
git push
  1. Check the GlassFish 4 is up and running by going to http://glassfish-{domain} Replace domain with your own domain name.

  2. The sample app is also deployed. You can view the sample app under http://glassfish-{domain}


  1. Currently admin console does not work

  2. This is not designed for scaling. OpenShift DIY applications does not scale.