A hands-on guide for building Serverless applications
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Hands-on Guide For Building Serverless Applications

This is a hands-on guide for building Serverless applications. This guide is divided into various sections. The first section is about building serverless applications with the Serverless framework and AWS Lambda. This guide is a work in progress so I will keep adding content as I continue to learn and understand the Serverless ecosystem.

I plan to cover different Serverless providers and tools in the Serverless ecosystem. Follow this repository to learn and master the Serverless ecosystem.


  1. Hands-on guide for building serverless applications with AWS Lambda and Serverless Framework: This section covers how to build Serverless applications with AWS Lambda and Serverless framework. Throughout this section, we will build an online coding round evaluator that organizations can use to automate their coding interview.


  1. Shekhar Gulati


Thanks to my employer Xebia for giving me opportunity to work with the latest technologies. If you are interested in working with us, you can send your resume to sgulati@xebia.com.