Wildfly Application Server running on OpenShift
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Wildfly Application Server running on OpenShift##

  1. Create an OpenShift DIY application.
$ rhc app create wildfly diy
  1. Add git remote and pull the sourcecode
$ git remote add upstream -m master https://github.com/shekhargulati/wildfly-openshift-quickstart.git
$ git pull -s recursive -X theirs upstream master
  1. Git push source code
$ git push
  1. Wildly application server will be accessible at http://wildfly-{domain-name}.rhcloud.com

  2. To add admin user, ssh into OpenShift application gear using rhc ssh and then run add-user.sh file. Enter username and password.

$ cd $OPENSHIFT_DATA_DIR/wildfly-8.0.0.Alpha3
$ sh add-user.sh
  1. Sample WebSocket application will be running at http://wildfly-{domain-name}.rhcloud.com/websocket-reverse-echo-example. The sample example github repository is here https://github.com/shekhargulati/websocket-reverse-echo-example.