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Symbolizify your Strings!
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Converts the given string to a symbol-style string.

Adds ActiveSupport::Inflectors#symbolizify, String#symbolizify!, and String#symbolizify.

This is intended to be a kind of inverse of #humanize, but a little more robust than dehumanize. This is a strong symbolizer, converting hyphens, non-standard characters, spaces, camelcase, etc. to underscored strings. The main inspiration for this came after finding that #dehumanize did not support dehumanizing strings containing numbers, e.g.

"Abstract Object 1".dehumanize  # => "abstract_object1"
"Abstract Object 1".symbolizify # => "abstract_object_1"

The name symbolizify was chosen in order to avoid naming collisions or confusion with other symbolize gems in the market, and to reinforce the idea that this doesn't actually convert a string to a symbol, but rather converts it to a symbol-style string.


Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'symbolizify', '>= 0.2.0'

And then execute:

$ bundle

Or install it yourself as:

$ gem install symbolizify


Call symbolizify on any string to turn it into a symbol-style string! Removes non-word/non-digit characters, reduces everything to lowercase with underscores separating words and numbers, e.g.

'Personal Phone  '.symbolizify          # => 'personal_phone',
'Home address'.symbolizify              # => 'home_address',
'HatRack'.symbolizify                   # => 'hat_rack',
'Who is _why?'.symbolizify              # => 'who_is_why',
'Person 1'.symbolizify                  # => 'person_1',
'Personel! #231'.symbolizify            # => 'personel_231',
'Wang chung !'.symbolizify              # => 'wang_chung',
'Shekibobo is great!'.symbolizify       # => 'shekibobo_is_great',
''.symbolizify  # => 'test_subject_example_com'


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