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This is a simple application that works as bootstrap to your application utilizing the REST, MVC and API concepts. This application is based in my work experience and I hope that it will help you explore these concepts.


  • PHP -> server-side programming;
  • JS/AgularJS -> client-side programming;
  • JSON -> A data-interchange format, for communication server/client;
  • MySQL -> Database;


  |- index.php: Initial file of API and routing;
  |- config.json: The file that holds configuration information, like database configuration;
  |- Classes
  	 |- controllers: Controller classes (speaks directly with the view via URL);
  	 |- models: Classes that mold the entities of your application;
  	 |- dao: Classes that handle the access to the database;
  	 |- Error.php: Class that handles the errors of your application;
  	 |- Request.php: Class that represents the requests;
  	 |- Response.php: Class that represents the responses;
  	 |- ResponseJson.php: Class that represents, handles and renders the response in JSON;

  |- css: Styles of your view;
  |- views: HTML files that represent your views;
  |- img: Images of your application;
  |- js: JavaScript files of your application;

Start using

1- Download (or clone) this project in your Apache/Ngnix/etc directory:

	cd /var/www
	git clone

2- Edit the file 'api/config.json' and put the access info to your Database Server (by default it's using the dev enviroment);

3- Execute the file init.php via command line;

` php init.php `

4- Acess the application in your browser:

` http://localhost/rap `