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Sheldon Led - Talks

I really love giving talks and share some content with people. For me it's the best way of learning (yes, learning by teaching) and the joy of talk in public makes me very excited.

So I'd love if you download my content and mix or fix it, and share your ideas with me or with someone else =) You can reach me in any time by email or any social network searching by sheldonled.

I use Web Frameworks to make my presentations, mostly reveal.js, but also impress.js and some others.

There is a list of them at for English content, and for Portuguese content. I'm refactoring them, so if you wanna see the old versions, go to

Cloning the repository

All files are in gh-pages branch in my talks repository, so you need to clone this branch, and not the master one.

## Go to your web directory
$ cd /var/www
## do the clone on gh-pages
$ git clone -b gh-pages