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Django Bouncer

This application provides three key features:

  • a way for users to sign up for a beta of your site before its launched.
  • a way to lock out non-logged in users from pages during a beta period.
  • a way for existing users of your site to invite new people to the site

The application takes steps to limit the amount of invite emails a potential member will get.


To use the invite form, you first need to add bouncer to INSTALLED_APPS in your settings file:


Members Only middleware

If you would also like to prevent non-authenticated users from viewing your site, you can make use of bouncer.middleware.MembersOnlyMiddleware. This middleware redirects all views to a specified location if a user is not logged in.

To use the middleware, add it to MIDDLEWARE_CLASSSES in your settings file:


the middleware uses the following settings from your settings file:

    self.exact_urls = getattr(settings, 'BOUNCER_EXACT_URLS', ['/'])
    self.partial_urls = getattr(settings, 'BOUNCER_PARTIAL_URLS', [])


A list of urls that anyone can view. The url needs to exactly match the urls defined in this list. Examples might include your homepage, your login page, etc.



A list of strings that urls should be checked against. This is useful for letting a section of your site be viewed even if it contains more than one url. Any URL containing a string in this list will be show to all visitors.



Where to redirect people who try and visit a url not on the above list. This url will automattically be added to the BOUNCER_EXACT_URLS list.

defaults to /

How To Use

Wait List

This app includes a wait list functionality to keep track of people who want access to your site.

You can add users to this list using the add_to_waitlist function from bouncer.functions.

	list_item, created = add_to_waitlist('some@email.address')

This function will return the WaitList object and if it was created or already existed. From the WaitList object you can also check if a user is already a member of the site:

	if list_item.is_user:
		# email is already connected to a user object
		# email is not connected to a user object

This is done by checking existing users of your site. You can use this to notify users trying to join the wait-list that they are already members.