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from itertools import chain
from urllib import urlencode
from django import forms
from django.db.models.fields import BLANK_CHOICE_DASH
from django.forms.widgets import flatatt
from django.utils.encoding import force_unicode
from django.utils.safestring import mark_safe
from django.utils.translation import ugettext as _
class LinkWidget(forms.Widget):
def __init__(self, attrs=None, choices=()):
super(LinkWidget, self).__init__(attrs)
self.choices = choices
def value_from_datadict(self, data, files, name):
value = super(LinkWidget, self).value_from_datadict(data, files, name) = data
return value
def render(self, name, value, attrs=None, choices=()):
if not hasattr(self, 'data'): = {}
if value is None:
value = ''
final_attrs = self.build_attrs(attrs)
output = [u'<ul%s>' % flatatt(final_attrs)]
options = self.render_options(choices, [value], name)
if options:
return mark_safe(u'\n'.join(output))
def render_options(self, choices, selected_choices, name):
selected_choices = set(force_unicode(v) for v in selected_choices)
output = []
for option_value, option_label in chain(self.choices, choices):
if isinstance(option_label, (list, tuple)):
for option in option_label:
output.append(self.render_option(name, selected_choices, *option))
output.append(self.render_option(name, selected_choices, option_value, option_label))
return u'\n'.join(output)
def render_option(self, name, selected_choices, option_value, option_label):
option_value = force_unicode(option_value)
if option_label == BLANK_CHOICE_DASH[0][1]:
option_label = _("All")
data =
data[name] = option_value
selected = data == or option_value in selected_choices
url = data.urlencode()
except AttributeError:
url = urlencode(data)
return self.option_string() % {
'attrs': selected and ' class="selected"' or '',
'query_string': url,
'label': force_unicode(option_label)
def option_string(self):
return '<li><a%(attrs)s href="?%(query_string)s">%(label)s</a></li>'
class RangeWidget(forms.MultiWidget):
def __init__(self, attrs=None):
widgets = (forms.TextInput(attrs=attrs), forms.TextInput(attrs=attrs))
super(RangeWidget, self).__init__(widgets, attrs)
def decompress(self, value):
if value:
return [value.start, value.stop]
return [None, None]
def format_output(self, rendered_widgets):
return u'-'.join(rendered_widgets)
class LookupTypeWidget(forms.MultiWidget):
def decompress(self, value):
if value is None:
return [None, None]
return value
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