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Tuoni is a sophisticated, cross-platform red teaming framework designed to enhance cybersecurity education and training through large-scale cyber defense exercises. Developed using Java for robustness, Docker for versatility, and featuring an intuitive web browser interface, it supports and streamlines cyber exercises. With its modular, extendable plugin system, Tuoni offers Red Teamers the flexibility to tailor its capabilities for specific educational and exercise needs. Its user-friendly interface facilitates easy operation and efficient reporting, essential in training environments. Tuoni embodies a commitment to power, adaptability, and collaboration, aimed at empowering Red Teamers with a tool that meets the dynamic demands of modern cyber defense education.

Screenshot of agent view as an graph

Screenshot of agent terminal


Installer will try to install docker version 25.0.0 or greater

wget  -O - | bash
cd tuoni

or if you prefer curl

curl | bash
cd tuoni

if you prefer to install without any user input, add SILENT=1 to the command line

export SILENT=1; curl | bash

you can also define TUONI_USERNAME and TUONI_PASSWORD to prefill these

in the unlikely event of nothing happening, try installing wget or curl first...

sudo apt-get install -y wget curl
  • it is safe to run the setup multiple time
  • if tuoni is already installed, the oneliner will run tuoni update command instead - the Tuoni C2 will be restarted