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Add a hook like before_filter to your controllers that gets executed between when your action is completed and the template is rendered. It can really DRY up loading some data that is used for views (headers / layouts / etc).

Plugin was inspired by before_render by Todd Willey, which works for rails2 only. New ActiveSupport::Callbacks methods were used, in analogy with ActionDispatch.

Provided methods:

  • before_render
  • prepend_before_render
  • skip_before_render


gem 'rails3_before_render'

Warning: Rails 3 only. Rails2 users can use before_render by Todd Willey.


before_render / prepend_before_render / skip_before_render works as other filters. Options like :except and :only can be passed to filter.

class PostsController < ApplicationController
  before_render :ping, :except => [:destroy]

  def index; end     

  def new; end

  def show; end

  def destroy; end                                                                          

    def ping "Ping-Pong actions"

Method ping will be executed after your actions and before template is rendered.


  • Tests should not throw runtime error(happening right now if comment one of provided aliased methods)


Copyright (c) 2011 Vladimir Penkin, released under the MIT license

Thanks to Drake Wilson (@menostos) for initiative to convert this to ruby gem.