Provides basic tools for working with Robot Framework text files in Sublime Text 2.
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This project is a plugin for Sublime Text 2 that provides some conveniences for working with Robot Framework test files (.txt only).


The easiest way to install is to use Package Control and search for 'Robot Framework'.

Otherwise, open Sublime Text 2 and click Preferences -> Browse Packages to open the packages directory. Then create a directory named Robot Framework containing the contents of this repository.


  • Syntax highlighting for Robot txt files, plus automatic detection/activation
  • alt+enter or alt+click to:
    • go to resource file at caret
    • go to user keyword at caret
    • go to builtin keyword at caret (opens browser)
  • ctrl+space to auto complete user keywords (must start on first word of keyword since sublime will break on spaces)
  • search for keywords in all project robot files (open folders)
  • run script from Cmd+B
  • Toggle Comments with Cmd+/