Unity editor tool to load colours and palettes directly from COLOURlovers.com
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Unity ColourLovers Importer

A simple editor tool to search and load colours and palettes directly from COLOURlovers. Hooks into the COLOURlovers API documented here.

There are options to edit and save the palettes returned. Saving a colour palette will create an asset in the Assets/Editor folder. Unfortunately Unity doesn't expose the ColorPresetLibrary so the preset assets are generated based on a text asset (ITS SO BAD BUT HEY IT WORKS).

Hopefully this is a handy little tool for prototyping/creating placeholder assets or UI to give you easy access to nice colour combinations instead of using default/random colours.

Open importer under Window > ColourLovers Importer

Tested on Unity 5.6, 2017 and 2018 and seems to work correctly.

Link to download unity package available here.




Options for loading the latest/top/random palettes and colours