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Django Vote

django-vote is a simple Django app to conduct vote for django model.

This project was inspired by django-taggit

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Quick start

Install django-vote by pip

pip install django-vote

Add 'vote' to your INSTALLED_APPS setting like this


Add VoteModel to the model you want to vote

from vote.models import VoteModel

class ArticleReview(VoteModel, models.Model):

Run migrate makemigrations migrate

Use vote API

review = ArticleReview.objects.get(pk=1)

# Up vote to the object

# Down vote to the object

# Removes a vote from the object

# Check if the user already voted (up) the object

# Check if the user already voted (down) the object
# import UP, DOWN from vote.models
review.votes.exists(user_id, action=DOWN)

# Returns the number of votes for the object

# Returns the number of down votes for the object

# Returns a list of users who voted and their voting date

# Returns all instances voted by user

Use template tags

There are two template tags you can use in template:

  1. vote_count to get vote count for a model instance
  2. vote_exists to check whether current user vote for the instance
{% load vote %}
    {% for comment in comments %}
        {{comment.content}} - up:{% vote_count comment "up" %} - down: {% vote_count comment "down" %} - exists_up:
        {% vote_exists comment user "up" %} - exists_down: {% vote_exists comment user "down"%}
    {% endfor %}

Use VoteMixin for REST API

Install django-rest-framework

from rest_framework.viewsets import ModelViewSet
from vote.views import VoteMixin

class CommentViewSet(ModelViewSet, VoteMixin):
    queryset = Comment.objects.all()
    serializer_class = CommentSerializer
POST /api/comments/{id}/vote/
POST /api/comments/{id}/vote/ {"action":"down"}
DELETE /api/comments/{id}/vote/