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Gmail Notifier Plus - Changes

This file outlines significant changes between versions. For a full list of technical commits to the project, please see the commit history.


  • Gmail Notifier Plus now works on Windows 10.


  • Gmail Notifier Plus is now HiDPI friendly.
  • When giving a presentation using Presentation Mode in Windows, the app won't show unread message count and won't notify you of new email.
  • Fixed Google Apps for Work Gmail accounts connectivity issue.
  • Updated the Update mechanism to use GitHub Releases.
  • Updated the Spanish, Russian and Slovak translations.


  • Gmail Notifier Plus now works on Windows 8.
  • Significant memory and resource usage improvements.
  • Fixed errors related to sleep and hibernate.
  • Fixed custom sound and browser selection.
  • Added a tray icon menu identical to the jumplist menu.
  • Updated the Windows Installer used to build the installer.
  • Updated the installer to support upgrades without having to remove a previous version.
  • Removed the version number on the installer given that we're auto-upgrading without MSI.
  • Now showing the About window after the first start after an auto-upgrade.