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shelr(1) -- screencasting for shell ninjas
**Shelr** records terminal output and can replay it.
Also you can shere Your records at
or other services.
`shelr` command [id]
* `record`:
Will record your terminal unless you type `exit` or Ctrl+D and
store it to $HOME/.local/share/shelr/
* `list`:
lists all your shellcasts.
* `play`:
plays local or remote shellcast.
* `push`:
publish your shellcast
* `dump`:
dump shellcast as json to current directory.
Record your shellcast:
$ shelr record
... do something ...
$ exit
List recorded shellcasts:
$ shelr list
Play local shellcast:
$ shelr play 1293702847 # play your own local record
$ shelr play record.json # created with shelr dump
$ shelr play last # will play most recent local record
Play remote shellcast:
$ shelr play
Publish your shellcast:
$ shelr push 1293702847
$ shelr push last # will push most recent local record
Setup recording backend:
$ shelr backend script
$ shelr backend ttyrec
**Windows** heh.
(C) 2010, 2011, 2012 Antono Vasiljev <>
Licensed under GPLv3+
script(1), scriptreplay(1), ttyrec(1), ttyplay(1)
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