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(btw, check out the Wiki; https://github.com/shelterit/xsiteable/wiki)

xSiteable is a PHP event-based framework for application development. It uses a normalised Topic Maps datamodel for super-stable application state through development iterations, and a host of things to make the developers life seem easier and cooler. It's a complete plugin system, it comes with widgets, it uses Jquery and Jquery UI and the cool Boilerplate HTML template framework on the GUI side of things, it is completely RESTful (which means that there is no difference between making an application and making an API; the two are the same), and it sports an easy model for data management, output management and deployment, a really funky access control system (based on REST structures), and a fully typed backend system, sporting an on-the-fly ontology middle- layer. If this last sentence means nothing to you; how cool is that?! You get to play with something funky as well as normal development stuff!

Enjoy. And join in. It will never be complete, never be perfect, never be done; it will evolve and mutate into what I hope is the perfect development framework that's for people who are sick of the fragmented approach to PHP libraries.


Git pull to where you'd like it, or zip it there, and ... uh, go to your webbrowser and view the root through your webserver. Yeah, things will be wrong; an install script will run and let you know of all the silly little things we need to get working before xSiteable takes off. It's basically a few good PHP modules, some rewrite rules (which are easy to fix if you're on Apache with a .htaccess file included), and a database connection, all testable through the script. If it all passes, it just creates a .installed file in the root, and gets on with its life. If you feel the need to go back and check, just delete that .installed file.


There's a mailing-list over at https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/xsiteable you can try, as well as just contacting us. We're easy-going and eager to please.