Wallaby.js preprocessor to compile AngularJS templates to JavaScript.
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Wallaby.js preprocessor to compile AngularJS templates to JavaScript.


The easiest way is to keep wallaby-ng-html2js-preprocessor as a devDependency in your package.json.

  "devDependencies": {
    "wallaby-ng-html2js-preprocessor": "~0.1"

You can simple do it by:

npm install wallaby-ng-html2js-preprocessor --save-dev


// wallaby.conf.js

var angularTemplatePreprocessor = require('wallaby-ng-html2js-preprocessor');
module.exports = function () {
  return {
    files: [
     tests: [
    preprocessors: {
      'app/**/*.html': function(file) {
        return angularTemplatePreprocessor.transform(file, {
          // strip this from the file path
          stripPrefix: 'public/',
          stripSufix: '.ext',
          // prepend this to the
          prependPrefix: 'served/',

          // or define a custom transform function
          cacheIdFromPath: function(filepath) {
            return cacheId;

          // setting this option will create only a single module that contains templates
          // from all the files, so you can load them all with module('foo')
          moduleName: 'foo'

#How does it work ?

This preprocessor converts HTML files into JS strings and generates Angular modules. These modules, when loaded, puts these HTML files into the $templateCache and therefore Angular won't try to fetch them from the server.