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This is Moqui GraphQL Add-On Component

This Moqui add-on component adds support of GraphQL to Moqui.

The way to use it is just simliar to REST Api in moqui-framework.

  • The GraphQL endpoint is /graphql/v1?query={graphQLQueryString} or /graphql/v1?query={graphQLQueryString}&&variables={graphQLVariables}
  • The configuration of GraphQL Schema is *.graphql.xml under service directory of component
  • Only one schema is produced. Each *.graphql.xml file is produced as a field of root query or mutation with name of schema.@name
  • GraphQL execution strategy is BatchedExecutionStrategy
  • entity-fetcher is implemented with EntityBatchedDataFetcher

You may try the demo

About EntityBatchedDataFetcher

In following cases it combined entity-find (sql query essentially) on same field into one entity-find

  • one operation: it turn multiple into entity-find by adding in condition if there is one relationship key map or by adding a tuple (all relationship key map) or condition
  • list operation: when there is no pagination argument or pageInfo in field selection set

In following cases it iterate over environment source to run entity-find, so multiple times entity-find is executed, slow.

  • list operation: when there is pagination argument or pageInfo in field selection set. this can't be done combining them since each list need count to calculate pageInfo and impossible to equally get same number result for each source in one entity-find.

One special case:

  • list operation: when there is no pagination argument or pageInfo, but no relationship key map, a pagination limit is enforced to avoid return all data. Due to there should be just one item in environment source, so iterate over it to execute entity-find is fine for performance.



Moqui GraphQL is CC0-licensed. we also provide an addition copyright and patent grant


Moqui Addon generating GraphQL api based on definition of entity, service and data document








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