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mustache.clj - Logic-less {{mustache}} templates for Clojure

mustache.clj is a (yet another) implementation of the Mustache template system for Clojure.

By preprocessing template into a tree like data structure, It's quite fast.


I initally write it for my part time project: Rssminer

  • Rssminer need to fast with limited MEM and CPU
  • It makes the i18n quite easy
  • Mustache is used both server side and client side


  • Clean compact code: the jar size is about 11k
  • Zero dependency
  • Fast: renders the test/sample.tpl with the test data about 500k times per seconds on 13 inch Macbook Air
  • For Clojure


Quick start

[me.shenfeng/mustache "1.1"]


<!-- test/sample.tpl -->
<h1>{{ title }}</h1>
<p class="desc">{{ desc }}</p>
    <li class="tag">{{ tag }}</li>{{/tags}}
  {{# hidden }}
    this will not show, if hidden is false or empty list
  {{/ hidden }}


(deftemplate tmpl-fn (slurp "test/sample.tpl"))

(def data {:title "mustache.clj"
           :desc "Logic-less {{mustache}} templates for Clojure"
           :tags [{:tag "Clojure"}
                  {:tag "Mustache"}
                  {:tag "Performance"}]})

(println (tmpl-fn data))


<p class="desc">Logic-less {{mustache}} templates for Clojure</p>
    <li class="tag">Clojure</li>
    <li class="tag">Mustache</li>
    <li class="tag">Performance</li>

Generate functions from templates folder

templates folder:

├── admin.tpl                => admin
├── login.tpl                => login
├── m
│   ├── landing.tpl          => m-landing
│   ├── p_header.tpl         => m-p-header
│   └── subs.tpl             => m-subs
└── tmpls
    ├── app
    │   ├── feed_content.tpl => tmpls-app-feed-content
(gen-tmpls-from-folder "templates" [".tpl"]) ;  generates the clojure fn

; now you can write something like this
(admin {:key "str" :array [1 2 3 5]})

Generate functions from classpath resources

gen-tmpls-from-resources just like gen-tmpls-from-folder, except find templates files from classpath

Transform template data before apply it to the template

You can pass a function (optional) to deftemplate, mktmpls-from-folder, mktmpls-from-resouces, allows you to transform the template data

(defn add-gloal-data [data]
  (assoc data
    :dev? (config/dev?)                 ; distingish dev and prod
    :server-host (get-in *current-req* [:header "host"]) ; stg1, test, prod host are different
    ;; other data, like different data based on local => for i18n

(gen-tmpls-from-folder "templates" [".tpl"] add-gloal-data)


  • Set Delimiter is not implemented now. Anyway, why change {{}} to <% %>
  • Lambdas is not implemented

Non Standard ?

use ? to test value true. example

links is value true, this string get outputed

links is value false, this string get outputed

this is repeated (count links) times

When using ?, Mustache.clj will print a warnning to stderr


Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.