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(ns rssminer.i18n)
(def messages {:m-logo-title ["tip: show subscription list when you hover the logo" "提示:hover显示订阅列表"]
:m-signup-warn ["signup free, and save your subscriptions, get personal recommendation" "点击免费注册,注册后可添加自己的订阅,并得到个性化推荐"]
:m-demo-account ["Create your own account, free" "免费创建您自己的帐户"]
:m-search-placeholder ["search feed, subscription..." "搜索订阅或文章,快速直达..."]
:m-change-avata ["Change your avatar at" "点击到gravatar.com更改头像"]
;; app.tpl menu
:m-add-sub ["Add subscription" "添加订阅"]
:m-back-home ["Back home" "回到首页"]
:m-keyboard-shortcut ["Keyboard shortcuts" "键盘快捷键"]
:m-settings ["Settings" "设置"]
:m-search ["Search" "搜索"]
:m-feedback ["Feedback" "提交反馈"]
:m-logout ["Logout" "退出"]
:m-submit ["Submit" "提交"]
:m-placeholder-feedback ["Tell us your feedback about Rssminer. We together make a better RSS reader"
:m-placeholder-email ["Email, in case we keep in touch. Optional."
:m-description ["Rssminer is yet another free RSS reader. Build by Feng Shen, with love of RSS subscription and reading."
:m-keywords ["RSS miner, Rssminer, RSS aggregator, simple, fast, intelligent, free"
"RSS miner, Rssminer, RSS aggregator, 简单,快速,免费"]
;; app.tpl
:m-k-next ["Next item" "上一篇文章或者上一个订阅"]
:m-k-prev ["Previous item" "下一篇文章或者下一个订阅"]
:m-k-open ["Open first item / Open current in new tab" "在新窗口打开"]
:m-k-scroll-down ["Scroll down article" "向下滚屏"]
:m-k-scroll-up ["Scroll up article" "向上滚屏"]
:m-k-return-list ["Return to list" "回到列表"]
:m-k-focus-tab ["Focus next tab" "选择另外一个标签"]
:m-k-focus-search ["Focus search" "焦点移到搜索框"]
:m-k-show-help ["Bring up this help dialog" "打开这个帮助文档"]
:m-k-go-home ["Go home" "回到首页"]
:m-close ["Close" "关闭"]
:m-k-close-cancel ["Close or cancel" "取消或者关闭"]
;; mobile landing page
:m-login-with-google ["Login with Google OpenID" "以Google帐户登陆"]
:m-yet-another ["Yet another free RSS reader" "认真,免费的RSS阅读器"]
:m-login-error ["Login failed, Email or password error" "用户名或者密码错误,请检查"]
:m-has-password ["Has an password enabled account?" "已有帐户?并设置过登陆密码"]
:m-email ["Email:" "邮箱:"]
:m-password ["Password:" "登陆密码:"]
:m-login ["Login" "登陆"]
:m-tryout ["Try out Rssminer", "随便看看"]
:m-persistent ["Remember me" "记住我"]
:m-sub-list ["Subscription list", "订阅列表"]
;; landing
:m-site-title ["Rssminer, yet another free RSS reader"
"Rssminer, 认真,免费的RSS阅读器"]})
(def zh-messages (into {} (map (fn [[k [en zh]]] [k zh]) messages)))
(def en-messages (into {} (map (fn [[k [en zh]]] [k en]) messages)))
(def ^{:dynamic true} *req*)