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An updated version of our Geolocations sample app using Cloud Code.

In this sample app, we'll add a validation to ensure users cannot add more than one check-in post every minute, as well as a Cloud Function that allows us to calculate the average check-in location of a user, all in cloud!

You can get the source code and follow along with our screencast.

How to Run

  1. Clone the repository and open the Xcode project.
  2. Add your Parse application id and client key in AppDelegate.m.
  3. Install the Parse command line tool by entering the command curl -s | sudo /bin/bash in your terminal (Mac) or command prompt (Windows).
  4. From the root directory of the app, enter the command parse new in your terminal or command prompt in order to setup the cloud code configuration files.
  5. You'll be prompted for your Parse username and password, and you'll also be shown a list of your Parse apps. Choose the one you want to associate with this project (you might want to create a new one).
  6. Run parse deploy. This will deploy the Cloud Code for this app.

For more information on installing and using Cloud Code and the Parse command line tool check out the screencast for this app as well as your Cloud Code documentation.

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