A initial script that boosts your laravel development.
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Laravel 4 starter script

What is this?

This script is just a simple bash script to help you init a laravel 4 starter package, to save your time!

What's include?

This script do these tasks:

  • check your environments
  • download laravel 4 package from github
  • unpack it, install composer packages
  • config laravel
    • generate key
    • setup folder permission
  • clean up, run server and open safari
  • more actions will add in the future


There are two ways to use laravel starter

The automatic installer… (do you trust me?)

You can install this via the command line with either curl or wget.

via curl

curl -L https://github.com/shengyou/laravel-starter/raw/master/install.sh | sh

via wget

wget --no-check-certificate https://github.com/shengyou/laravel-starter/raw/master/install.sh -O - | sh

The manual way

  1. Clone the repository

    git clone git@github.com:shengyou/laravel-starter.git ./

  2. run the script

    sh install.sh


  • add/install guard support
  • add/install CRUD generator
  • open editor when finished


Shengyou Fan (If you like it, please endorse me on coderwall) endorse