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Easy to manage multiple php servers behind Nginx.
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Easy to manage multiple php servers behind Nginx.

NOTICE: Before you start, please backup your nginx/conf directory.


Automatic way

You can simply download on your server and run it. The could find your nginx/conf directory and deploy automatically, after your confirmed.

NOTICE: The based on wget and unzip.


You can also define the deploy directory by yourself:

./ /etc/nginx/conf

Manual way

You can download this project, extract it by unzip, then copy conf to your nginx/conf directory.

cp conf /usr/local/nginx/conf

Quick start

1. Create a new server.

You can create a new server by simply make a copy from the example file.

cd /usr/local/nginx/conf/servers
cp server.conf.example myserver.conf

Edit myserver.conf and setup server_name and root.

2. Restart your nginx service.


  1. add more settings
  2. add comments
  3. support other languages
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