Obj-C AVPlayer class for remote media only
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Hysteria Player

This class provides useful basic player functionality.


  • You don't need to write KVO again, just sending 3 or 4 blocks then you can handle player status.
  • Ability to play previous PlayerItem.
  • If player paused bacause buffering problems, auto-resume the playback of your PlayerItem when enough buffered.
  • Background playable enabled. (need to register your App supports background modes as "App plays audio")
  • Returns you which index of items are playing.
  • Long buffer/load time for PlayerItems in background.
  • PlayModes: Repeat, RepeatOne, Shuffle.

It provides:

  • PlayerItem cache management.
  • Pre-buffer next PlayerItem.

How to use

import HysteriaPlayer.h

Just #import the HysteriaPlayer.h header, and call the initWithHandler: and setupWithGetterBlock: method before you starting play. Everything sets for you.

Hysterai Player

#import "HysteriaPlayer.h"


- (void)viewDidLoad
    [super viewDidLoad];

    hysteriaPlayer = [[HysteriaPlayer alloc]
                          if (![hysteriaPlayer isPlaying]) {
                              [hysteriaPlayer play];
                              //[self syncPlayPauseButtons];
                          //[self syncPlayPauseButtons];
                      CurrentItemChanged:^(AVPlayerItem * newItem) {
                          if (newItem != (id)[NSNull null]) {
                              //[self syncPlayPauseButtons];
                          if ([hysteriaPlayer pauseReason] == HysteriaPauseReasonUnknown) {
                              [hysteriaPlayer play];


- (IBAction)playStaticArray:(id)sender
    [hysteriaPlayer removeAllItems];
    [hysteriaPlayer setupWithGetterBlock:^NSString *(NSUInteger index) {
        return [mp3Array objectAtIndex:index];

    } ItemsCount:[mp3Array count]];

    [hysteriaPlayer fetchAndPlayPlayerItem:0];
    [hysteriaPlayer setPLAYMODE_Repeat:YES];

Using initWithHandlers:

With these four blocks, you can handle about the Player's status changed, including status changed, rate changed, currentItem changed.

  • Status Changed : It will be called when Player is ready to play the PlayerItem, so play it. If you have play/pause buttons, should update their status after you starting play.

  • CurrentItem Changed : It will be called when player's currentItem changed. If you have artworks, playeritem's infos or play/pause buttons to display, you should update them when this be called.

  • ItemReadyToPlay : It will be called when PlayerItem is ready to play, this is optional.

  • Rate Changed : It will be called when player's rate changed, probely 1.0 to 0.0 or 0.0 to 1.0. Anyways you should update your interface to notice the user what's happening. Hysteria Player have HysteriaPauseReason to help you.

    • HysteriaPauseReasonPlaying : Player is playing
    • HysteriaPauseReasonForce : Player paused when Player's property PAUSE_REASON_ForcePause = YES.
    • HysteriaPauseReasonUnknown : Player paused for unknown reason, usually it because Player is paused for buffering.

Using setupWithGetterBlock:

Before you starting play anything, set your datasource to Hysteria Player. This block will gives you a index that will be used (instantly play or pre-buffer). Returning a NSString format url is all you need to do.

ItemsCount tells Hysteria Player the count of your datasource, you have to update it using setItemsCount:(NSUInteger)count if your datasource's count is modified.


Add Frameworks

Add CoreMedia.framework and AVFoundation.framework to your Link Binary With Libraries.

Copy provided point1sec.mp3 file to your Supporting Files

Ability to play the first PlayerItem when your application is resigned active but first PlayerItem is still buffering.

Register your app's background modes

Click your project and select your target app, going to the info tab find Required background modes , if not exist create new one. In Required background modes's item 0 copy this string App plays audio into it.


All source code is licensed under the MIT License.


Created by Saiday