undefined method `to_adapter' for User:Class #10

stefl opened this Issue Apr 28, 2011 · 1 comment

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If a user attempts to edit their profile they will get this error.

To fix this I had to do something like this, which feels like a cludge:

class Adapter
  def get! identifier

in my User class:

def self.to_adapter

Is there a better way / something I am missing?



you probably need to add the shenoudab/orm_adapter to your project. the original orm_adapter (via gem install) is missing the couchrest_model adapter.

you also need to fix the couchrest_model adapter in some places, giving it the right receiver (sometimes, klass. is missing) and really return only one result in def find_first (using, i.e., the find_by ... methods of couchrest_model which gives you only the first view result)

greets, jochen

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