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Web Application Security Scanner
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Sitadel - Web Application Security Scanner

python3 Build Status license

Sitadel is basically an update for WAScan making it compatible for python >= 3.4 It allows more flexibility for you to write new modules and implement new features :

  • Frontend framework detection
  • Content Delivery Network detection
  • Define Risk Level to allow for scans
  • Plugin system
  • Docker image available to build and run

Requirement Warning

This project ONLY supports python >= 3.4. There will be no backport to 2.7


$ git clone
$ cd Sitadel
$ pip install .
$ python --help


  • Fingerprints

    • Server
    • Web Frameworks (CakePHP,CherryPy,...)
    • Frontend Frameworks (AngularJS,MeteorJS,VueJS,...)
    • Web Application Firewall (Waf)
    • Content Management System (CMS)
    • Operating System (Linux,Unix,..)
    • Language (PHP,Ruby,...)
    • Cookie Security
    • Content Delivery Networks (CDN)
  • Attacks:

    • Bruteforce

      • Admin Interface
      • Common Backdoors
      • Common Backup Directory
      • Common Backup File
      • Common Directory
      • Common File
      • Log File
    • Injection

      • HTML Injection
      • SQL Injection
      • LDAP Injection
      • XPath Injection
      • Cross Site Scripting (XSS)
      • Remote File Inclusion (RFI)
      • PHP Code Injection
    • Other

      • HTTP Allow Methods
      • HTML Object
      • Multiple Index
      • Robots Paths
      • Web Dav
      • Cross Site Tracing (XST)
      • PHPINFO
      • .Listing
    • Vulnerabilities

      • ShellShock
      • Anonymous Cipher (CVE-2007-1858)
      • Crime (SPDY) (CVE-2012-4929)
      • Struts-Shock


Simple run

python sitadel

Run with risk level at DANGEROUS and do not follow redirections

python sitadel -r 2 --no-redirect

Run specifics modules only and full verbosity

python sitadel -a bruteforce -f header server -vvv

Run with docker

docker build -t sitadel .

docker run sitadel

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