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= TracAccountManager =

A user account management plugin for Trac.

== Installation ==
 1. Run: python bdist_egg
 2. If necessary create a folder called "plugins" in your Trac environment.
 3. Copy the .egg file from the dist folder created by step 1 into the "plugins"
    directory of your Trac environment.

== Configuration ==
Add one of the following sections to trac.ini to manage an Apache htpasswd or
htdigest file.

=== Htpasswd ===
password_format = htpasswd
password_file = /path/to/trac.htpasswd

=== Htdigest ===
password_format = htdigest
password_file = /path/to/trac.htdigest
htdigest_realm = TracDigestRealm

=== Radius ==

You can configure this through the Web UI or the trac.ini file.

Provide the IP address and authentication port of your RADIUS
server. RADIUS uses UDP port 1813 for authentication, older servers
use 1645.  You must also supply a shared secret which the RADIUS
server admin will give you.

force_passwd_change = false
password_store = RadiusAuthStore
persistent_sessions = false
radius_authport = 1645
radius_secret = SqueamishOssifrage
radius_server =

This back-end does not support user listing or changes.