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README: Installing this Plone

Prerequisite Libraries

Install prerequisites including libraries and, for production, the plone user.


sudo pkg install libxsl libxml2 libjpeg


sudo apt-get install python-dev libxml2-dev libxslt-dev libjpeg-dev libz-dev
sudo adduser plone


Create and activate a virtual environment. I'm using Python-2.7:

virtualenv-2.7 .venv
source .venv/bin/activate

Create Non-tracked Passwords file

Create a file passwords.cfg that is not tracked in the repo, and place your plone's admin username and password in it like:

instance_user = admin:MySecretPassword


Bootstrap the buildout:


Build it verbosely:

bin/buildout -v

This can take 30 minutes or so if it has to download a lot of packages.

The default buildout.cfg used above builds a development version; to build a production version that runs as user plone, do:

bin/buildout -v -c production.cfg

It should ask for your sudo password at the end to fix permissions such that a 'plone' user owns various files in var/.


To test the development version:

bin/zeoserver start
bin/instance1 fg

To test the production build, you need sudo so they can set their user:

sudo bin/zeoserver start
sudo bin/instance1 fg

You should see it start up, connect to zeostorage, and eventually say:

2014-10-13 09:11:21 INFO Zope Ready to handle requests

Login as admin to the site on localhost with your instance's port from buildout.cfg and see if it tells you that you need to upgrade. Then Site Setup and then the Zope Management Interface for items needing upgrades.

Quit out of the instance1, and stop zeoserver:

sudo bin/zeoserver stop

Run for Production

This buildout uses supervisor to run the daemons and will restart them if memory grows too large. The supervisord should be started at boot time with an init.d/ type of script, something like:


You can check on it with:

${instancedir}/bin/supervisorctl status

And shut down everything with:

${instancedir}/bin/supervisorctl shutdown

Packing the Database

If you're remote, you may have to access the top-level admin area by tunneling to the port since an Apache rewrite will likely prevent you reaching this high up; replace 60001 with your instance's port:

ssh -L 60001:localhost:60001 serverhostname

then connect to http://localhost:60001

From there go to the Zope Management Interface, Contrl Panel, Database Management, main to pack the database.


If you want to upgrade Plone, change the version in the buildout.cfg file and redo the buildout as above. Restart zeo and run instance1 in foreground again. Login to the site and go to Site Setup then Zope Management Interface. It should tell you the site needs upgrading, the current config (e.g, 4016) and the latest (e.g., 4206) to which you're about to upgrade. Do a "Dry run mode" to make sure the upgrade will work (check the box at the bottom), and if that's fine, do it for real.

Add Ons

You can check what add-ons are available and update any old ones by going to Site Setup then Add-ons. After upgrading from 4.0 to 4.2, I see that Diazo, JQuery Tools, Working Copy (Iterate), and a bunch of others are now available.

If you need or want them, click their boxes and Activate.


I really want to become enlightened about Diazo, which I think of as a "theming proxy" that can composite content from one or more backend servers into a unified skin completely separate from those servers.

Dexterity promises to allow users to create new content types through the web, which our users would love to have, similar it sounds to the popular CCK feature in Drupal.