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App42 Client SDK for SamsungTV.

  1. Register with App42 platform
  2. Create an app once you are on Quickstart page after registration.
  3. Download the App42-all-XXX.min.js from this repo and add to your project library(index.html) in [Eclipse]Samsung Smart TV Apps Editor.
  4. Open init.js in your project and add initialize code here.
//APIKey and SecretKey recieved in step #2 above
App42.initialize("your APIKey"," your SecretKey");
  • Instantiate the service that one wants to use in the App, e.g. using ScoreBoard service one has to do the following
var scoreBoard = new App42ScoreBoard();
  • Login with AppHQ Management Console from
  • Go to Business Service Manager from left tab, click on Game Service and select Game.
  • Create game with App42 by clicking on Add Game button from right tab in AppHQ.
  • Now one can call associated method of that service e.g. save user score can be done with the following snippet
var gameName = "your game name",
userName = "your user name",
score = 10;
scoreBoard.saveUserScore(gameName, userName, score,{
success: function(object) {
// Callback for Success },
error: function(error) {
    // Callback for error }
  • Executing above method will save user score for your game in App42 cloud.
  • You can login to AppHQ console and can see the saved score there.
  • Similarly one can use other App42 services like File Upload, Gaming, NoSQL Storage to make user engaging social Apps for HTML5.


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