App42 Cloud API Client SDK files for iOS
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App42 Cloud API Client SDK files for iOS

Integrate in Swift Project

  • Import your Objective C framework by dragging and dropping the framework into an Xcode 6 Swift project.
  • Create a new Objective C file in your project (File->New->File [Objective C for iOS]).
  • Accept the prompt (agree) to create a bridging header file between Objective C and Swift.
  • Delete your newly created Objective C file but retain the bridging header file ${YOURPROJ}-Bridging-Header.h.
  • In the Bridging header file, import your framework using the standard Objective C import syntax (e.g. #import <Shephertz_App42_iOS_API/Shephertz_App42_iOS_API.h>).
  • This relinquishes the need to perform an import Shephertz_App42_iOS_API statement in your AppDelegate.swift file. You can now write code that utilizes whatever framework as long as it is imported using the bridging header. It is available throughout your project's Swift files.
  • Please follow the Getting Started steps to integrate Shephertz SDK

Third Party Libraries

BSD License
Created by Jonathan Wight on Tue Mar 18 2003.
Copyright (c) 2003 Toxic Software. All rights reserved.

Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy
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