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Unity3D library for AppWarp.You simply need to download the latest AppWarpUnity.dll and import it as an Asset in to your Unity project and you are all set!

Visit our Unity Developer home page to learn more about AppWarp and using our AppWarp SDK.

Note* If you are running the application as an Editor Application, you should listen to playmodeStateChanged events and call the Disconnect API of WarpClient instance. This will prevent your editor from hanging when the app quits.

AppWarp Unity uses SimpleJSON internally for JSON handling.

/* * * * *
 * A simple JSON Parser / builder
 * ------------------------------
 * It mainly has been written as a simple JSON parser. It can build a JSON string
 * from the node-tree, or generate a node tree from any valid JSON string.
 * If you want to use compression when saving to file / stream / B64 you have to include
 * SharpZipLib ( http://www.icsharpcode.net/opensource/sharpziplib/ ) in your project and
 * define "USE_SharpZipLib" at the top of the file
 * Written by Bunny83 
 * 2012-06-09
 * Features / attributes:
 * - provides strongly typed node classes and lists / dictionaries
 * - provides easy access to class members / array items / data values
 * - the parser ignores data types. Each value is a string.
 * - only double quotes (") are used for quoting strings.
 * - values and names are not restricted to quoted strings. They simply add up and are trimmed.
 * - There are only 3 types: arrays(JSONArray), objects(JSONClass) and values(JSONData)
 * - provides "casting" properties to easily convert to / from those types:
 *   int / float / double / bool
 * - provides a common interface for each node so no explicit casting is required.
 * - the parser try to avoid errors, but if malformed JSON is parsed the result is undefined
 * 2012-12-17 Update:
 * - Added internal JSONLazyCreator class which simplifies the construction of a JSON tree
 *   Now you can simple reference any item that doesn't exist yet and it will return a JSONLazyCreator
 *   The class determines the required type by it's further use, creates the type and removes itself.
 * - Added binary serialization / deserialization.
 * - Added support for BZip2 zipped binary format. Requires the SharpZipLib ( http://www.icsharpcode.net/opensource/sharpziplib/ )
 *   The usage of the SharpZipLib library can be disabled by removing or commenting out the USE_SharpZipLib define at the top
 * - The serializer uses different types when it comes to store the values. Since my data values
 *   are all of type string, the serializer will "try" which format fits best. The order is: int, float, double, bool, string.
 *   It's not the most efficient way but for a moderate amount of data it should work on all platforms.
 * * * * */