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A wrapper around datomic-free to easily start and upgrade it
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A wrapper around Datomic Free that makes it easy to start Datomic Free transactors and upgrade to newer versions.


For first time users:

$ git clone ~/.datomic-free
$ ~/.datomic-free/bin/datomic-free start

# To make it easy to use `datomic-free` add an alias to your bashrc/zshrc
$ echo 'alias datomic-free=$HOME/.datomic-free/bin/datomic-free' >> ~/.zshrc
$ . ~/.zshrc
$ datomic-free start

# If you have existing data you want to bring to datomic-free
$ rm -rf ~/.datomic-free/data
$ cp -R $OLD_DATOMIC_REPO/data  ~/.datomic-free/

Whenever you'd like to update to the latest Datomic Free:

$ datomic-free update

This new version is now the active datomic-free version. Since datomic-free keeps data outside of versions in ~/.datomic-free/data, you use the same data across versions by default.

To update to a specific version, pass a version:

$ datomic-free update 0.8.3627

To use another version you've already installed:

$ datomic-free use 0.8.3646


See LICENSE.txt. This project is in no way affiliated with Datomic (Metadata Partners, LLC).


  • Thanks to @richhickey and @stuarthalloway for datomic
  • Thanks to @rkneufeld for the downloading function of the shell script


  • Allow other config and args to bin/transactor
  • rest command to execute bin/rest
  • better help
  • better exit codes
  • better error checking for use
  • convert this readme to a man page
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